Tax Planning

Improve Your Tax Planning Strategy!

Ultimately, our goals for you are more money, peace of mind, and legitimate compliance. It’s what keeps us coming to work day after day, year after year.

Strategies we use to Reach your Goals

Working within the tax code to guarantee complete compliance while also taking full advantage of every opportunity requires a deep knowledge of its (often changing) content, some creativity, and lots of patience.

When we’re working for our Managing Your Taxes Is a Year-Round Endeavor
While it’s important to maximize your yearly returns come tax season, it’s also vital that – if you want to save money – you’re thinking about it year-round. Or that you work with a team like ours to ensure someone is thinking about it year-round on your behalf.

Even if you’re pretty good at finding and filing your own deductions, working with professionals on a regular basis can reduce your tax costs significantly.

Our Team of Professionals keeps Daily Tabs on what’s going on with Tax Law

We routinely attend conferences, parse through complex tax code, and stay up to speed on all changes that occur. That amount of insight, coupled with our decades of tax experience, means you can trust us to save you money, time, and plenty of Advil.

How We Set Goals for Our Customers’ Taxes

The amount of potential strategies are quite significant. But, regardless of the specific strategy we use (which we’ll discuss more below), these are some of our goals for each of our customers:

  • Limit the amount of taxes you pay to the government. We strive to have each of our customers pay the minimum required so that they can grow their wealth.
  • Limit taxes related to your income so that you can take more of the money you make home with you.
  • Limit taxes related to your estate.
  • Limit taxes on gifts.
  • Limit taxes related to your investments so that you can make more money from them.
  • Limit taxes related to your retirement so that you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty once you retire

When trying to attract new customers, there are a number of strategies that we find work very well, and we continue to monitor what’s happening with tax law year-round to find new opportunities.

Some of the Strategies we Use Include

  • Getting more of your income taxed in lower brackets by dividing it up among different entities and/or family members.
  • Identifying strategic investments that will allow tax exemption on a state or federal level – or both, ideally.
  • Moving finances from one year to another to minimize your rates.