Non-profit Organizations

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As you well know, running a non-profit hardly means that the financial side of things is simple to manage. The IRS still requires thorough documentation from you, and you must submit Form 990 (and its relations) each year to ensure non-profit status compliance.

That includes a lot of different moving parts, and it’s vital – for the stability of your organization – that you keep your books and accounting information in tip-top shape.

That’s what we’re here for. We’d be honored to help your nonprofit with its financial needs, and we encourage you to get in touch today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How We Can Help Your Organization

Filing the appropriate paperwork for your nonprofit includes the following tasks:

  • Providing the IRS with income statements that lay out, in detail, all of your revenue and expenses.
  • Generating a functional expense statement that details your allocated expenses.
  • Developing and maintaining your accounting system and processes.
  • Preparing your tax forms.
  • If needed, filing your non-profit status application.
  • Preparing your payroll plans and implementation.
  • Training for your accounting staff.

To adequately handle all of these tasks, we will need to be provided with some details about your organization, including things like:

  • Your employer identification number
  • Inventory of assets & liabilities
  • By-laws of your organization
  • Rent or Lease agreements
  • Your organization’s mission statement
  • Documentation for your organization’s operations, programs, and activities
  • Documentation and descriptions of your fund raising programs

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